Procrastination Station

Numbers… Who needs them. In my humble opinion our culture, both religious and secular, is obsessed with numbers. Tonight is my last night on earth as a 30 year old. Tomorrow dawns the first day as a person who is 31 and is ever so closer to the dreaded 40. Turning 30 was a rough […]


All things must come to an end. Today was the last day that I will be an interim/pulpit supply pastor. Technically last week was the last week I preached but I was there today to say my goodbyes. I can’t help but feeling some level of regret. Like I left a project unfinished. Don’t get […]


Happy Earth Day! *Spoiler Alert* I am a nerd. This is a fact that actually surprises a lot of people, I think partly because Conner has made my wardrobe significantly cooler and more outdoorsy. I know I am a nerd because I retain a significant amount of skills and knowledge that make me a nerd. For […]

Come as you should be.

I always find it fascinating how willing we are in the church to sacrifice other people’s relationships with Christ. Let me explain a bit what I mean with a story from church last Sunday. I preached this week on having a joyful attitude. I used the story from last week’s blog post as a contrast to […]

Joyful Hearts and Sunburned Calves

\\EDIT I accidentally clicked the wrong date for the automatic publishing. Whopps! Thanks Todd for the catch and text.   You know that song “anything you can do I can do better”? My version of that song would go “anything you can do quicker I can do slower”. Part of this is because I am […]

Well that escalated quickly

Well it was bound to happen. I am pretty sure I have lost out on my opportunity to serve as a church planter in the denomination. For the last couple of months, I have been in various meetings with decision makers in the denomination in order that I might be considered for a potential Church […]