“Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.”  – D.T. Niles

I love this quote.

I guess that must be obvious because of the title of this site.

The reason I love the quote is because it so accurately describes our situation: We are all beggars.

In our current modern 21st century life, we often find ourselves wanting to be more than who we are. We judge ourselves against the rigid constructs of our society. We prioritize wealth, attractiveness and materials over all else. We often find ourselves unworthy and not measuring up because we don’t make enough money or have the right kind of things. It is inevitable that these insecurities spill over into our understanding of Christianity. However, the Church has no place for such pettiness. The Church rises above hierarchy and levels the playing field. We are all beggars.

It matters not if you are a rich CEO or a poor fast food worker; you are a beggar. It doesn’t matter if you are handsome or if you are ugly; you are a beggar. Fat or thin, smart or stupid, exciting or boring, we are all beggars. We come to the foot of the Cross with nothing to offer and everything to gain from Grace.