Audience of Three in One

Did you like my Trinitarian joke? The worst part of having a Seminary Education is making stupid jokes like “Audience of Three in One”. Seminary jokes are like really bad dad jokes. Don’t worry this post isn’t about Trinitarian theology, its worse. This post is about broadcasting our faith. This past Wednesday marked the beginning […]

The Rare Millennial Christian

Over the last past month, I have had a number of conversations with Millennial Christians, it turns out they do exist! I only know they exist because I am one. The common theme to our conversations has been varying levels of frustration and disgust for the practices of the Church in our culture. I have […]


My dad went bald at 16, well that’s at least what he told me. So, when I made it into my twenties with a full head of hair I thought I was safe. Apparently, I am not. A couple of months ago I looked into one of those double mirror things and saw a giant […]

We the Servants

There are a number of things that I strongly dislike; Beans, All kinds. The consistency is disgusting. Also, they are so small that they hide in your food and then you accidentally bite into one. It’s awful People who don’t follow basic traffic laws. I think I could easily have a diagnosable road rage disorder. […]

The Future!

I like making bold outlandish predictions for the future because the best case scenario is you seem like a genius and at worst a jokester. So here are my bold predictions for 2018. All currencies will be replaced with Cryptocurrencies. I will win the lottery and pay off my Student Loan debt this year. (Maybe […]

We the Pharisees.

If Dos Equis were to make a “The Most Interesting Man” commercial about my life, the tag line would be: “I don’t always go to church but when I do, I pay attention.” Our church is in a weird transition. We attend a satellite campus of a mega church in our area. Normally I am […]