Oh those dang Hedonists

I think King Solomon would be a great dude to party with on Saint Patrick’s Day. I mean I am sure he would practice self-control, but at the same time I could see him throwing back some Irish Car Bombs. Solomon wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes and he is pretty clear in there that we […]

The Comparison Culture

The first time I ever remember comparing my self to someone else was around 3rd grade.  There was a kid in my class who had a Sega Game Gear. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I had a lousy Game Boy. I remember one day sitting in after care and watching him […]

Those lofty expectations

I have noticed in my life that my expectations are never the reality that comes to fruition. I don’t know if that’s because every one of my expectations involves me with a six pack of abs or if its because they are just too lofty. I guess by the nature of them having me with […]


A younger and naiver version of myself thought that owning a home would be the greatest thing ever. As a person who loves and gets wrapped up in projects, the idea of home ownership was appealing. I could constantly be fixing, remodeling or adding features that fit my specific needs. I could personalize my house […]

Audience of Three in One

Did you like my Trinitarian joke? The worst part of having a Seminary Education is making stupid jokes like “Audience of Three in One”. Seminary jokes are like really bad dad jokes. Don’t worry this post isn’t about Trinitarian theology, its worse. This post is about broadcasting our faith. This past Wednesday marked the beginning […]

The Rare Millennial Christian

Over the last past month, I have had a number of conversations with Millennial Christians, it turns out they do exist! I only know they exist because I am one. The common theme to our conversations has been varying levels of frustration and disgust for the practices of the Church in our culture. I have […]


My dad went bald at 16, well that’s at least what he told me. So, when I made it into my twenties with a full head of hair I thought I was safe. Apparently, I am not. A couple of months ago I looked into one of those double mirror things and saw a giant […]