Materialism Part Duex

It never fails that the moment you seek to accomplish a goal is the moment you are met with a wave of resistance unlike any you have seen before. Like the day I started eating healthier was the day that I got coupons for “The China Buffet” down the road. Conner, who is a lot smarter […]

Da Nile

Growing up my mom used to make a classic joke anytime one of us was living too much in denial. “Denial isn’t a river in Egypt” she would say. Classic joke. Growing up I heard that phrase a lot. I mean a lot. It’s probably why I have such bad jokes. If you don’t know […]

We live in a materialistic world.

Quick side note before we get started. I am going to go back to regularly publishing on Sunday nights as this mid-week publish isn’t quite working out. So, moving forward expect regular Sunday 6:30 posts! Thanks for continuing to read my dribble drab! This week I experienced a great tragedy that every millennial fears; my […]

On Passion

Last weekend I went to a cooking school with my father in law. We took an eight-hour grilling class. Yes, you read that correctly eight full hours of cooking. If you are shocked by this, so was I. I can honestly say that in the 9 years of formal schooling I have received, I have […]

D3 is always the right choice

Statistically Peanut Butter M&Ms are the number 1 bestselling item in vending machines worldwide. Well I don’t know if that’s true it is just the number 1 bestselling item worldwide anytime I am standing at a vending machine. Fun fact Peanut Butter M&Ms are usually not found until the 3rd or 4th row and somewhat […]

Procrastination Station

Numbers… Who needs them. In my humble opinion our culture, both religious and secular, is obsessed with numbers. Tonight is my last night on earth as a 30 year old. Tomorrow dawns the first day as a person who is 31 and is ever so closer to the dreaded 40. Turning 30 was a rough […]


All things must come to an end. Today was the last day that I will be an interim/pulpit supply pastor. Technically last week was the last week I preached but I was there today to say my goodbyes. I can’t help but feeling some level of regret. Like I left a project unfinished. Don’t get […]